Blanket Sizes And Dimensions Guide

For a better night's sleep, ensure your blanket is the right size and weight. This guide will provide detailed information about blanket sizes and dimensions; whether you have a single, king, super king, or double bed, we have you covered. To feel more at ease, use our blanket size guide to learn how to choose the right blanket for you and find helpful tips for choosing the right size for your bed.

The Importance Of Choosing The Right Size Blanket

Choosing the right size blanket is of utmost importance for several reasons. Here are a few key points to consider:

  1. Comfort: The size of a blanket affects its comfort, as too small or too large can leave you exposed and uncomfortable. Selecting the right size ensures optimal comfort and allows you to enjoy the warmth and cosiness of the blanket.
  2. Insulation: A correctly sized blanket helps maintain body temperature by providing adequate insulation. If it is too small, it can trap and retain heat, while an oversized blanket can trap excess heat and make you feel overheated.
  3. Aesthetics and Style: A well-proportioned blanket can enhance the visual appeal of a bed or couch, contributing to the overall decor and ambience. Choosing a blanket that complements the size of the furniture and room helps create a balanced and harmonious look.
  4. Practicality and Functionality: The right size blanket is essential for practicality and functionality. It should be wide enough to cover the entire surface, drape over the sides with an adequate overhang and large enough to comfortably wrap around the body without leaving gaps.
  5. Sharing and Versatility: Choosing the right size for a blanket is essential when sharing it with a partner or using it for multiple purposes. Larger blankets allow for comfortable sharing and provide versatility, allowing for spread-out activities or easy storage.

Blanket Sizes & Dimensions

UK Bed & Blanket Size Chart (CM)


Bed Size

Blanket Size


90 X 190 cm

122x183 cm


135 x 190 cm

150 × 200 cm

King Size

150 x 200 cm

200x235 cm

Super King Size

180 x 200 cm

220x250 cm

Single Blanket Size

A single-size blanket measures 122x183 cm, ideal for covering a single bed. It offers warmth and cosiness, perfectly fitting a single mattress.

Common Uses: Single-size blankets are designed to fit Single-sized beds and provide full coverage for a single sleeper.

Double-Sized Blanket

The most common blanket size in the UK is a double, measuring 150 × 200 cm. The right size to dress in any situation, snuggle up in bed, and take the heat down! This size is perfect for covering double mattresses because it will reach up and over the pillows and the bed itself!

Common Uses: Double blankets are suitable for double or full-sized beds, accommodating two sleepers or providing extra coverage for a single sleeper.

King-Sized Blanket

For a standard UK king-size bed, a blanket measuring 200x235 cm is recommended. This size allows for coverage of the pillow region and overhangs on all other sides, ensuring a relaxing and warm sleep experience.

Common Uses: King blankets are intended for king-sized beds, offering ample coverage for two sleepers.

Super- King Sized Blanket

Super king-size blankets are the largest available, measuring 220x250 cm. They are designed specifically for UK standard super king beds, longer than king-size beds. A super king blanket will cover your entire bed, providing ultimate comfort and warmth.

Common Uses: Super-king blankets are specifically designed for Super king-sized beds, providing full coverage for two or more sleepers on this larger mattress size.

Additional Tip: Your throw or blanket should be just shy of your duvet cover's length when it is fully opened. To avoid being shot or arguing over it in the middle of the night, it should also stretch over the edges of the bed. As a general rule, the outer margins of your throw or blanket should extend at least 15-20 cm beyond the edges of your mattress.

Speciality Blanket Sizes

Crib Blankets

Crib blankets are specifically designed for baby cribs and typically measure (76 cm x 102 cm). However, sizes can vary, so checking the product details is essential. Crib blankets provide warmth and comfort for infants while they sleep in their cribs. They can also be used for swaddling or as a soft surface for tummy time.

Crib blankets are suitable for use in nurseries, daycare centres, or whenever infants sleep or rest in their cribs.

Toddler Blankets

Toddler blankets are slightly larger than crib blankets and generally measure (102 cm x 152 cm). You should check the product details, however, since sizes can vary. Toddler blankets are designed for toddlers transitioning from cribs to toddler beds. They provide warmth and comfort during sleep and can also be used for snuggling or as a playmat.

Toddler blankets are suitable for use in toddler beds, daycare centres, or whenever toddlers need a cosy blanket for sleep or play.

Oversized Blankets

Oversized blankets are larger than standard sizes, providing more coverage and allowing for a generous overhang. The dimensions can vary depending on the manufacturer and the specific purpose of the oversized blanket.

Oversized blankets are ideal for those who prefer more substantial coverage or beds with non-standard dimensions. They offer extra comfort and can be used for lounging, snuggling, or as a statement piece in home decor. Use oversized blankets on larger beds, such as super king or custom-sized beds, or whenever you desire a luxurious and enveloping blanket experience.

How Do You Know The ideal Blanket Size For Your Bed?

The size of your bed, its height, and the purpose for which you intend to use your blanket are all essential considerations when picking the appropriate size. Do you want it to have the same effect as a bedspread and hang straight to the floor? Or is it a blanket in the style of a wool underlay that you place over your mattress to provide additional insulation while you sleep?

Most of the time, you'll want your blankets to cover the bed, drape over the sides and offer warmth, or be light enough to make a difference yet blend into the background without drawing attention to themselves.

Tips For Picking The Right Blanket Size

When buying a blanket, especially one for your bed, there are some considerations you should make, such as how you want the blanket to fit over the mattress.

  • When determining a blanket's proportions, it is a good idea to consider how you intend to use the blanket. In all, blankets come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, and they can also differ slightly in terms of their dimensions within each size category.
  • For your blanket to be tucked in or draped over the side of your mattress, you should allow a few additional inches of length on either side.
  • Additionally, since most mattresses are only approximately 11" tall on average, you might choose a little more oversized blanket so that your extra-height bed doesn't look too small.
  • Although taking measurements is crucial for ensuring a proper fit for your blanket, it is not the only factor. Before selecting a blanket size, consider several other aspects to make the best choice for your requirements.
  • Aside from that, there is a vast price difference. You can get anything from an opulent, pricey blanket made of premium fabrics to a cheap but adequate blanket.
  • When selecting a blanket size, it's crucial to consider the fabric because different textiles are lighter and thinner than others, which changes how the blanket feels and looks.

Where Can You Buy Top-Notch Blankets?

When purchasing blankets for your bed, knowing the measurements of the blankets is helpful. Additionally, if you want to learn to knit or crochet, having the precise measurements of your project will help you choose what you need. When purchasing blankets for your mattress, a good general rule of thumb is to purchase the blanket size that corresponds to your mattress size. Despite this, there is always the possibility of scaling up or down depending on the height of your bed. Visit here to buy the Sherpa Blankets.

As soon as you have determined which blanket size is right for you, look at Yorkshire Bedding's wide selection of top-notch blankets. Our blankets are an excellent addition to your house because of their vibrant, attractive designs and soft, cosy texture. They are all offered in UK standard sizes and fashions to meet your demands. Because they are made of top-notch, premium-quality materials, blankets are effective insulators and keep you warm and cosy throughout bitter winters.


Choosing the correct blanket size and dimensions is vital for a comfortable and restful sleep. You can make an informed decision by understanding the various sizes available and considering factors such as blanket length, bed height, and intended use. Invest in top-notch blankets that meet your requirements and ensure warmth and cosiness throughout the year.