Security information

We value your trust in our website, as well as your confidentiality and internet protection, so we assure every transaction you make is protected. We've put together a few tips to keep you secure and in control while shopping online. 

When you've verified with the issuing bank and generated your private key, you'll be asked to enter it at checkout whenever you buy a product that needs authorization. 

Our site employs the most sophisticated security tools currently developed for online purchases, high-level SSL encryption. Using an unprotected network in a public area may be dangerous because unauthorized individuals can attempt to access your online activity.

If a site is secure, the 'https' at the front of  in your browser address bar will replace the 'HTTP.’ In the title left of your web browser, and a small lock will display. 

This makes shopping online from our store much better than shopping at many other stores. Our technical experts constantly monitor every payment you make and operate the whole thing without human intervention, making the possibility of error extremely unlikely. All of the data you provide to our site is automatically translated into a coded message, which the software decrypt afterward.

So shop without any worries!

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