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      5 products

      5 products

      Check out this collection of marvellous Mattress Protectors from Yorkshire that will not only protect your mattress from permanent stains and odours but will let you enjoy an enhanced quality of comfort.

      Yorkshire offers this collection of world-class Quilted Mattress Protectors with extraordinary quality 100% pure polyester material, finished with intense care and supreme perfection, that will not only protect your mattress but will also enhance the quality of your night's sleep.

      The premium quality material equips this collection of Mattress Protectors with breathability features, regulating your body temperature and preventing sweating. Also, these Quilted Mattress Protectors come with anti-allergic fabric that is also extremely soft-to-touch, hence providing a luxuriously comfortable sleep.

      Most of the modernistic Mattresses come with extra deepness, for which we offer these extra deep 30 CM mattress protectors to fit in perfectly with your mattress, enhancing your bedding's elegant feel, upgrading the level of comfort, and protecting your mattress properly.

      Extra Deep Mattress Protectors with Elasticized Skirt

      Yorkshire offers these Extra Deep Mattress Protectors in the elastic skirt style. With the elastic skirt, this extra deep mattress protector wraps around your mattress perfectly providing enhanced mattress protection.