Buying Guide For Fitted Sheets

Fitted Sheets, also known as fitted bed sheets, is excellent bed sheet with elastics attached to all four corners so that users can easily install them without making any effort. Instead of corners, elastics are stitched around the base; these fitted sheets are known as shower cap design fitter sheets.

It can be purchased both with and without other bedding sets to add up to the luxury appeal of your room. They come with high-quality, soft, and comfy material and perfect finishing, giving these an opulent look. Fitted sheets are commonly used with flat sheets, typically placed on top of the fitted sheet.

If you need clarification about selecting the right fitted sheet for your bedding, stick to this blog until the last line. This buying guide provides information and guidance on purchasing the right fitted sheets for your needs.

Types Of Fitted Sheets

Deep Fitted Sheets

25CM Fitted SHeet

Nowadays, more profound and large mattresses are precedent choices due to their comfort level, while some prefer using a mattress topper to feel an upgraded sleeping experience. A regular fitted sheet will be useless in both situations and will not fit your mattress size properly. It is here where a deep-fitted sheet comes in handy.

A deep fitted sheet is of the exact dimensions as a standard fitted sheet but a prolonged drop that helps to tie it properly with your deep mattress or a  mattress with a topper. The depth of deep fitted sheets is 25 cm.

Extra Deep Fitted Sheets

40CM Fitted SHeet

There is little difference between a deep fitted sheet and an extra deep fitted sheet. The only variation is in the drop length. Extra Deep Fitted Sheets come with more length drop, so they help tie the mattress more efficiently and perfectly. Try measuring the drop of your mattress to know which one to buy.

The extra deep fitted sheets come with a depth of 40cm, covering your deep mattress perfectly.

Benefits Of Using Fitted Sheets

Mattresses are expensive, and repurchasing these every few months or every year will give your pocket a hard time. Moreover, maintaining and cleaning a mattress is costly as its price and a challenging process. Stains from different things like foods or smells from your sweating or your children's bedwetting can lead to disposing of a mattress and buying a new one.

You can protect your mattress from these stains and smells using a fitted sheet. A fitted sheet will absorb moisture from sweating and bedwetting, as also other stains and will keep your mattress protected from all these. Also, fitted sheets are easy to wash and maintain, so you can wash them quickly if they fitted sheet gets stained.

Fitted Sheets Enhance The Quality Of Sleeping

Sleep is one of the most crucial parts of one's life cycle. The quality of sleep you got last night will affect all your activities during the daytime. To experience a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep, you should make your bedding choice the most significant concern.

Fitted Sheets Enhance The Quality Of Sleeping

Fitted sheets from Yorkshire are multipurpose. Yorkshire gathers its raw materials from world-class manufacturers to produce premium products to ensure customer satisfaction. These fitted sheets are finished with high care and perfection, and 100% pure quality material helps you experience enhanced quality sleep.

Fitted Sheets Are Beneficial For Your Delicate Skin

Mattresses are a luxurious place to bed bugs and mites. Mattresses cannot be washed or maintained frequently to kill these bugs and mites. Recently, there's been a significant increase in skin infections from these bugs and mites. Fitted sheets prevent these bed bugs and mites from reaching out to your skin and protect your sensitive skin against these deadly mites.

Choosing The Best Fabric For Fitted Sheets

The fabric is the most crucial part when selecting any bedding. An attractive room can be transformed into a luxurious one with suitable fabric. The durability and level of comfort of your fitted sheets depend on the type of fabric you select.

Choosing The Best Fabric For Fitted Sheets

You can choose between synthetic and natural materials while purchasing a fitted sheet. If you want to stay cold and buy fitted sheets for summer, use synthetic fitted sheets like microfiber.  While quite the opposite, if you tend to keep warm for a prolonged period, make naturally fitted sheets your precedent choices, like wool or cotton.

Thread count is an excellent measure of knowing the fabric quality and the sumptuous feel it will deliver. I prefer buying fitted sheets with a thread count above 200 if winter is approaching and you want to stay warm and cosy.

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets

Cotton fitted sheets made from Egyptian Cotton have an elegant look and a soft feel because of their solid and delicate fibres. Egyptian Cotton is a premium quality cotton famous for its solid and delicate fibres. Egyptian Cotton Fitted Sheets are an excellent option to buy something more comfortable and lavish.

These naturally fitted sheets are sensitive and hence challenging to maintain. You cannot directly wash these into a daily washing machine; these can only be dry cleaned.

Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets

Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets

These Organic Cotton Fitted Sheets are the top choice if you want some natural material fitted sheets. The comfort level from these fitted sheets is superior, and efficient insulators retain heat for a prolonged period in severe winters.

These high-quality fitted sheets are expensive compared to other ones due to their comfort, insulation, and durability. Organic Cotton fitted sheets are biodegradable; hence these are also eco-friendly as they can easily be disposed of or recycled without any danger of giving out harmful fumes.

The downside to organic Cotton fitted sheets is the same as Egyptian Cotton fitted sheets. These are gruelling to maintain and can only be dry cleaned if once get stained.

Supima Cotton Fitted Sheets

Supima Cotton Fitted Sheets

Supima cotton, sometimes pronounced as Cashmere of Cottons, is a splendour sateen woven fabric eminent for its quality, smoothness, and softness. Supima cotton is also used in towels and dressing gowns.

Supima Cotton Fitted Sheets are expensive and provide a plushy feel and an exquisite quality of comfort. These fitted sheets will enhance your room's look from a traditional one to a wealthy one.  These fitted sheets are not easy to maintain, so once bought need to be used with high care.

Silk Fitted Sheets

Silk Fitted Sheets

Silk, always known for its beauty, outstanding quality, and amazingly soft feel, is one of the supreme all-natural and synthetic materials. Silk is best to use in summers to stay cool due to its temperature regulating properties.

Silk Fitted Sheets are recommended as these, along with a deluxe sleeping experience, helps to reduce hair damage while sleeping and prevent wrinkles, and are suitable for sensitive skin.

Fleece Fitted Sheets

Fleece Fitted Sheets

Fleece fitted sheets made up of 100% pure fleece are suitable to be used in winters. Fleece, a synthetic material made up of a combo of wool and polyester, is a durable and soft-to-touch fabric. Fleece fitted sheets are hypoallergenic and are suitable for sensitive skins.

If you live in an area with continuous severe winters, then make these fleece fitted sheets your precedent choice.

Microfiber Fitted Sheets

Microfiber Fitted Sheets

Synthetic Fitted Sheets are made up of strong and fine microfibers like polyester. These fitted sheets are more durable and budget-friendly than other natural fitted sheets. These fitted sheets are breathable and so can be used all year round.

This help keeps you cool in hot, burning summers; with its breathable feature, while working as an efficient insulator, these fitted sheets will keep you warm in freezing winters. So if you want to buy 100% pure quality Microfibre fitted sheets, check out this collection from Yorkshire and give your room an affluent feel.

Standard Mattress Sizes & Corresponding Fitted Sheet Sizes

A fitted sheet wrapped around your mattress correctly and the exact size will help you have a comfortable and uninterrupted sleep. While paying for too large or too short that doesn't fit precisely with your mattress is only a waste of money.

Fitted sheet sizing should be of great concern while buying one. Your mattress size and the size of the fitted sheets should be an exact match. 


Standard Mattress Sizes & Corresponding Fitted Sheet Sizes

A single mattress usually is 90 cm x 190 cm (35 in x 75 in) in size; hence the matching fitted sheet size is "Single" or "90 cm x 190 cm."

Small Double

For a small double mattress, which typically measures 1120 cm x 190 cm (47 in x 75 in), seek a fitted sheet with the words "Small Double" or "120 cm x 190 cm" on it.


The typical dimension of a double mattress is 135 cm x 190 cm (53 in x 75 in), and the matching fitted sheet size is "Double" or "135 cm x 190 cm."


A king-size mattress usually is 150 cm x 200 cm (59 in x 79 in); therefore, search for fitted sheets marked "King" or "150 cm x 200 cm" for this size.

Super King

A larger super king-size mattress measures around 180 cm x 200 cm (71 in x 79 in). The appropriate fitted sheet size for a super king mattress is "Super King" or "180 cm x 200 cm."

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Selecting From The Collection Of Vibrant Colours

Choosing the right-coloured fitted sheets is essential when purchasing new bedding since a mismatch with your other room décor will spoil your room’s look.  

Selecting From The Collection Of Vibrant Colours

Cream and white-coloured fitted sheets are the most common, as these two are calming colours and match almost every bedspread. But if you want to buy more vibrant colours, you can visit Yorkshire, where we offer an ample and abundant range of colours.

Think twice while selecting the fitted sheet, as you will see this colour whenever you go to bed. If you want to stand out from your room decor, you can use a different colour.

How To Measure Mattress Sizes Correctly For Fitted Sheets?

Follow these instructions to precisely measure your mattress's measurements to ensure you choose the appropriate fitted sheet size:

  1. Take off all bedding: To measure your mattress without any obstructions, remove any sheets, blankets, and mattress covers.
  2. Collect measurement tools: Choose a ruler with a centimetre or inch markings or a tape measure, depending on your desire.
  3. Determine the width: Begin by determining the mattress's width. Place the ruler or tape measure on one side of the mattress and stretch it straight to the other. Make careful to measure from the mattress's most expansive places.
  4. Measure the length: Next, determine the mattress' length. Start with the top edge of the mattress and stretch the tape measure or ruler to the bottom edge. Measure one again, starting from the mattress' longest points.
  5. Determine the depth: Next, determine the mattress's depth or thickness. Measure straight up to the mattress' highest point by placing the ruler or tape measure vertically against one edge of the mattress.
  6. Record the dimensions: List the mattress's width, length, and depth. Make careful you precisely note the dimensions in centimetres or inches.

Mattress sizes might differ, particularly in-depth, so it's crucial to be aware of this. Some mattresses have toppers or extra padding that makes them thicker. In these situations, you may use deep-pocket fitted sheets supporting thicker mattresses.

By precisely measuring your mattress, you may safely choose the fitted sheet size that will fit tightly and securely, resulting in a pleasant and well-made bed.

Fitted Sheets Are Effortless To Install

Fitted sheets include elastic bands or elastic around the base (shower cap design), which makes installation very simple. Attach the elastic straps around the corners of the fitted sheet and place it evenly over your mattress.

If you are using a shower cap design fitted sheet, wrap your fitted sheet around the mattress, and you are ready to experience splendid quality sleep.

Shopping Tips: How To Find The Right Fitted Sheet

Take into account the following elements while choosing the ideal fitted sheet:

  1. Composition: Various fabrics, including cotton, linen, microfiber, and mixes, are offered for fitted sheets. Consider the material's breathability, softness, toughness, and upkeep needs.
  2. Thread Count: The number of threads per square inch of cloth is called thread count. Higher thread counts don't always indicate a softer and more luxurious feel, so examining other factors like the material and weave is essential.
  3. Weave: The fit sheet's feel and durability depend on its weave. Percale, sateen, and jersey are examples of typical weaves. Sateen gives a silky smooth surface, the percale is crisp and breathable, and the jersey is flexible and informal.
  4. Elastic Durability: Examine the elastic used in the fitted sheet for durability and quality. Solid and well-made elastic guarantees a secure fit that holds throughout the night.
  5. Care Instructions: Pay attention to the fitted sheet's cleaning needs. Certain fabrics could need specific handling, including gentle washing or low-temperature drying.
  6. Colour & Design: Pick a fitted sheet that matches the aesthetic of your bedroom and your particular taste. Think about your possibilities for colour, pattern, and design.

Always remember that a fitted sheet that is comfortable and well-fitted is an investment in your well-being.

Maintaining Fitted Sheets

Fitted sheets mainly protect your mattress, so these will get stained quickly. To keep your fitted sheet durable and sustain its comfort, you should wash the fitted sheet once a week.

Maintaining Fitted Sheets

These fitted sheets are easily machine washable. There's no need to take these fitted sheets to dry cleaners, and you can easily remove stains at home. Use cold/normal water with gentle machine cycles to rinse dust or smells off these fitted sheets. Avoid using any bleaching agents to prolong the life of the fabric.

What Is The Best Place To Find A Fitted Sheet?

Visit Yorkshire Bedding, and check out the ample range of elite-quality fitted sheets. Yorkshire is offering hot discount offers and free shipping to the UK mainland. Hurry up and make your purchase today before these limited offers end!

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