How to Get the Ideal Cover for Your Sofa? Buyer's Guide

When shopping for expensive products like couches and loveseats, most of us go into the store with the mindset that we will adore them for many years. Consider preserving your couch with a sofa cover in the design that you like most so that it will always have its finest appearance. You make a conscious decision when dressing up your furniture with sofa covers for your couch or chairs.

When dressing a person, you should pay attention to the weight of the cloth, the different textures, and the fit; similarly, when dressing a piece of furniture, you should consider what would suit it the best. If you get the right sofa cover, you can match your décor and locate a comfortable material quickly, and it may even seem as if you do not even have a covering on the couch.

Why Slipcovers?

Sofa coverings are an addition to your house that you may have yet to realise you needed. The wonderful thing about these slips is that they may safeguard your furniture or assist you in modernising older items.

Sofa slipcover

Not only do couch covers enable you to refresh your design rapidly, but they also protect your sofa from messes like spills and stains. Sofa covers are a significant investment. Compared to couch upholstery, which is challenging to damage and quite costly to repair, furniture coverings are more cost-effective and practical.

You may completely change a room's aesthetic by doing something like putting a sofa cover to it in a different colour, texture, or material. You may make a statement with a colourful couch cover, a pair of draperies, or an area rug that coordinates with it. Put a neutral, light-coloured slipcover over a couch with a striking design, and then add a splash of colour to the look with vibrant throw pillows and other accessories. Your sofa will look like a blank canvas!

Which Type Of Sofa Cover Should I Get?

The vast majority of slipcovers for sofas are made of synthetic fabrics, most often polyester. This is because it is simple to make polyester resistant to stains, fading, and water, all of which are desirable qualities in a material for sofa covers.

Sofa Covers Types

Additionally, it produces a couch cover that is more affordable. Polyester also comes in many designs, from matte, modest appearances to a high gloss, flowery patterned fabrics, and everything in between. It is possible to give some synthetics a more timeless and matte appearance.

The following is a selection of the many kinds of synthetics that may be found and an additional choice.


This plush texture looks well in sophisticated interior design schemes. Further, it has an unrivalled softness. However, you should be aware that velvet is often produced from a combination of polyester and other materials.


Polyester is the primary component in producing this pliable synthetic material, which boasts a high level of resistance to stains. Because it can be crafted into any design, including an authentic quilted appearance, this fabric is well suited for a wide range of design aesthetics.


Sofa covers may also be made entirely of cotton, in case you prefer natural materials over synthetic ones. Cotton is an advantageous natural fabric since it allows for more air circulation and is very gentle to the touch. On the other hand, it may be more susceptible to picking up stains than polyester.


Sofa covers almost always include spandex, and the amount varies from brand to brand. If you want the cover to be fitted in any manner, you should generally look for a fabric combination with between five and twenty percent spandex.

Faux Mink

Some slipcovers are created to seem like genuinely luxurious fabrics. Look for a texture such as fake mink if you want to give the impression that your living area is luxurious. On the other hand, polyester will likely be the material of choice for this sofa covers.

What To Consider When Choosing A Sofa Cover

Consider extra alternatives in addition to the fundamental aspects of the sofa cover, such as the fabric and how it fits the furniture.

Non-Slip Backing

Non Slip Sofa Cover

If you have active children or pets, you must have this function in your home. Frequently, a silicone backing is used to keep these couch coverings in place.

Multiple Possibilities For Durability

Choose couch slipcovers that are water-resistant, stain-resistant, or fade-resistant if you are concerned about accidents such as spills and stains.


If it is pet-friendly, it will usually mention so on the slipcover. Specific sofa covers are on the more fragile side or slide quickly, which means your pet will have that sofa cover shredded and on the ground before you even realise it has happened.

If you have animals as pets, you should check that the product states it is safe for them. Several designs often include a pet-related motif, with paw prints on the cover. These are suitable for short-term usage or more relaxed room layouts.


Some slipcovers have a plush feel to them and come with some stuffing already inside. Choose them since they are not only comfortable but also quite durable.


There are also couch sofa covers with storage space, such as two pockets. If you have a habit of finding miscellaneous items on the couch, think about being organised by including storage in your sofa cover.

How Can I Know If A Sofa Cover Is Right For Me?

Although these methods have been tried and proven, they still have their peculiarities, but they still have the potential to rescue the day occasionally.

Extra Materials For The Stuffing

Couches with skinny arms may have their slipcovers thickened by inserting bath towels or stuffing into the arm openings. This is an example of an inventive solution to a problem. Choose stretch sofa covers, which can better adapt to various forms, so you may avoid doing this additional step.

Rolls Of Foam For The Pool

One other piece of advice that's often given to people to obtain a better fit for their couch cover is to stuff foam rolls or pool noodles into the cracks and crevices of the sofa (for instance, beneath the seat cushions) to help keep the fabric in place.

Even though it is unquestionably an improvement, you will discover that these insertions come back up with annoying regularity, particularly with couch coverings that have a loose fit. Because the fabrics that makeup stretch slipcovers are more flexible, they are better able to maintain their grip on wedges and tucks. You should generally aim for a slipcover that has an excellent fit and doesn't need you to stuff odd items into your sofa in the first place; more on this topic is provided below.

Pins For Upholstery Fabric

The remedy may be as simple as pinning the extra cloth. Simply purchase upholstery pins, smooth down the cloth, and then fix them with pins where no one will see them. One crucial point is that you can damage your furniture if you use pins, particularly over a longer time.

Velcro Strips

Sewing Velcro strips onto the sofa and the slipcover to attach them is a do-it-yourself version of the upholstery pins.

Tips For Finding The Ideal Sofa Cover

  • Finding the proper sofa cover takes into account several aspects, the two most significant of which are the dimension and the kind of fabric.
  • In order to determine the appropriate proportions for your furniture, you will need to measure it in advance; measure the breadth by going from one outer edge to the other.
  • You must also measure the length and breadth of the arms and the distance from the front to the rear of the garment.
  • Remember to consider the intricacy of the form you want to cover.
  • The wonderful thing about couch covers is that there is a wide variety to pick from; they can be used on various types of furniture, including sofas, recliners, chairs, and more. Another aspect of the garment that requires careful consideration is the fabric, of which there are a variety of alternatives, both natural and synthetic.

In addition, pay particular attention to the design and fabric; does it stretch? It could be less of a hassle to join in such a circumstance. Will it stay in place if it has an elasticized bottom? Does it need foam pieces, or does it come with ties?

Before making any purchase, you need to consider and answer these questions.

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