How To Dispose Of Old Pillows - 10 Best Ways

Dispose of old pillows

Pillows are essential to our daily lives, providing comfort and support as we rest. However, as time passes, pillows can lose their shape and effectiveness, leading us to wonder about the best ways to dispose of old pillows responsibly. This guide explores ten environmentally friendly and creative methods to bid farewell to your worn-out cushions.

1. Recycling Programs

One of the most eco-friendly options for disposing of old pillows is to explore local recycling programs. Many communities offer recycling services for textiles, including pillows. Check with your local recycling centre or waste management facility to see if they accept pillows in their recycling stream. Some programs may have specific guidelines, so follow them to ensure your pillows can be recycled properly. Shop Bounce Back Pillows From Yorkshire Bedding. 

2. Upcycling Projects

Turn your old pillows into something new and exciting through upcycling projects. Get creative and repurpose the pillow filling or fabric to make cushions, throw pillows, or even small rugs. Pinterest and other DIY platforms are treasure troves of ideas for transforming your old pillows into functional and stylish items for your home.

3. DIY Home Decor Ideas

Incorporating your old pillows into DIY home decor projects gives your home a fresh look. Whether you use the fabric to make curtains, table runners, or chair covers, repurposing your pillows can add a personal touch to your living space while minimising waste. Shop Hotel Quality Pillows From Yorkshire Bedding.

4. Pet Bedding Solutions

Before discarding your old pillows, consider repurposing them as pet bedding. Many animal shelters and rescue organisations welcome donations of old pillows to create comfortable beds for animals awaiting adoption. Check with your local animal shelter or rescue group to see if they accept such contributions.

5. Donation and Reuse

If your pillows are still in good condition, consider donating them to local charities or organisations that support those in need. Homeless shelters, community centres, and refugee support groups often appreciate contributions of clean and usable bedding items. Ensure that the pillows meet the donation criteria of the chosen organisation.

6. Composting Pillows

Composting can be an environmentally friendly option for pillows made from natural materials. Remove non-biodegradable elements, such as zippers or buttons, and cut the fabric into smaller pieces to speed up the decomposition process. Add the material to your compost pile, promoting sustainability while minimising waste.

7. Cushions and Throw Pillows

Transform the filling of old pillows into new cushions or throw pillows. This can be a fun and creative project, allowing you to customise your home decor without contributing to landfill waste. Use the filling to stuff new pillow covers or create cosy floor cushions for additional seating. Shop Quilted Pillows From Yorkshire Bedding.

8. Stuffed Toys for Children

If you have little ones at home, repurpose old pillows by turning them into stuffed toys. With some sewing skills and creativity, you can craft adorable plush animals or dolls for your children. This reduces waste and provides your kids with unique and sentimental toys.

9. Landfill Disposal: When No Other Option Exists

While landfill disposal should be the last resort, it may be necessary in certain situations. Suppose your pillows are not suitable for recycling, upcycling, donation, or composting, and your local waste management facility needs specific guidelines for their disposal. In that case, landfill disposal may be the only option. However, always explore alternative methods first to minimise environmental impact.

10. Professional Pillow Disposal Services

Professional pillow disposal services may sometimes be available in your area. These services specialise in properly disposing and recycling various materials, including pillows. While this option may cost, it ensures that your old pillows are disposed of responsibly and environmentally friendly.


Disposing of old pillows doesn't have to contribute to environmental degradation. You can give your old pillows a new lease on life by exploring recycling programs, upcycling projects, and other creative solutions. Whether you repurpose them for home decor, donate them to those in need, or compost them for a sustainable end, plenty of options are available to ensure that your pillows don't end up in a landfill unnecessarily.


Can I Recycle Any Type Of Pillow?

Recyclability depends on the materials used in the pillow. Natural materials like cotton or down are more likely to be recyclable than synthetic materials. Check with your local recycling centre for specific guidelines.

How Do I Prepare My Pillow For Recycling?

Remove any non-recyclable components such as zippers, buttons, or synthetic fabrics. Clean the pillow thoroughly to ensure it meets the recycling facility's standards.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated With Old Pillows?

Old pillows can harbour allergens, dust mites, and bacteria. Regular cleaning and proper disposal methods can mitigate these risks. If in doubt, consult with health professionals or disposal experts for guidance.