Winter Duvet Tog

      14 products

      14 products

      Making preparations for the chilly winter? If so, a plush Winter tog duvet is a fantastic way to stay warm and retain a lot of heat. For those who experience extreme cold, we have a 15-tog winter duvet that is made to feel fuller for longer.

      A winter duvet with a higher tog will trap more heat to keep you cosy. However, this duvet's cooling properties do not make it acceptable during the hottest summer months. But, this highest tog duvet for winter is built with a wonderful, soft hollow fibre filling and intended for the coldest nights. Hollow fibre is a more economical and environmentally beneficial option.

      They can also be hypoallergenic and are excellent at controlling temperature. A hypoallergenic duvet can be your best option if you frequently experience itching from bedding dust mites or if your skin is especially sensitive. Furthermore, it involves sponge washing, which is always a plus in our opinion.

      Why not complete your bedding set with our opulent, soft-to-the-touch, fluffy, breathable winter duvet if you enjoy the UK's freezing weather and want to sleep comfortably on these chilly nights?

      Check out our collection of winter tog duvets; you'll undoubtedly find the cosiest, warmest, and most peaceful purchase here.

      What is the best duvet tog for UK winter?

      For the UK winter, duvets with a tog value of 15 are recommended, while lesser ones might work for hot sleepers. If your home is older, you can experience more breezes, less insulation, and thinner walls. This calls for a thicker duvet, possibly one with a rating of 13.5 or 15. A lower tog duvet, such as a 10, may be preferable if you live in new construction because your home may have superior insulation around the windows, doors, and skirting boards.

      What tog duvet do you need in winter?

      A fabric's tog rating indicates how insulating it is. Your personal preferences and the temperature in your bedroom will determine which duvet is best for you. Winter duvets should typically be 12 togs or higher. Some people recommend the 10.5 tog duvets below if your home often stays pretty warm all year long or throughout the warmer parts of spring and autumn.

      How to choose the right duvet size?

      To determine what size duvet you'll need, you need to know how big your bed is. We offer a range of Duvet sizes in the UK, ranging from singles and doubles to kings and super kings.