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Extendable Curtain Poles & Holdbacks

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Product Information
SIZES 70cm-120cm: 12x Rings, 2x Brackets, 2x Finials & 1x Rod
120cm-210cm: 20x Rings, 3x Brackets, 2x Finials & 1x Rod
160cm-300cm: 30x Rings, 3x Brackets, 2x Finials & 1x Rod
COLOURS Antique Brass, Chrome, Brushed Silver, Black Nickel, & Matte Black

Yorkshire Bedding's Curtain Poles are a stylish and practical addition to any interior design. Made in Yorkshire, these poles offer a refined elegance and come in various finishes like antique brass and modern chrome. The high-quality materials ensure they last for years, and their easy installation allows for easy window changes.

Yorkshire Bedding caters to customers who prefer classic finials or contemporary minimalist designs. With their classic style and exceptional quality work, these poles are the perfect finishing touch to any room, allowing you to reimagine your windows and elevate the overall look of your room.


The ideal length for a curtain pole depends on the width of your window or door. A general guideline is to choose a curtain pole that extends at least 15-20 cm beyond the window frame on each side. This provides enough space for the curtains to be fully open, allowing maximum light and visibility.

The curtain pole's diameter should complement your curtains' weight and style. A smaller diameter (e.g., 19mm) is often sufficient for lightweight or sheer curtains. Heavier curtains may require a larger diameter (e.g., 28mm) for stability and to enhance the overall aesthetic.

Curtain poles are designed for easy installation; most come with detailed instructions. Generally, you'll need brackets to secure the pole to the wall, rings to hang the curtains and finials for a decorative finish. Ensure you have a level, drill, and appropriate screws for a secure installation.

Yes, many curtain poles are adjustable or can be cut to fit custom window sizes. Ensure that the chosen curtain pole is suitable for trimming, and follow the manufacturer's guidelines for a precise cut. Some poles come with telescopic designs, making them versatile for various window dimensions.

Customer Reviews

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Good quality

Nice colour good quality

Anthony Newsholme
Well worth it.

Very affordable and great quality when I got them, plastic inserts where the pole extends to keep it tight, ends have a nice discreet grub screw. Great quality over all, lovely finish and quick delivery 👌🏼

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